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1. Wear bright colored shirts: You will be able to easily spot them. Make them stand out.

2. Take a photo of them each morning: Make sure to snap a photo of your kid before you head out.

3. Make sure they know your cell phone number in case they get lost or in an emergency. Some smart ideas include; Safety Labels, place a small luggage tag on your child‘s shoe; Make your own tattoo or write on their arm with washable pen, “If I‘m lost call…

4. Assign a child with an adult: don’t think the “other person” is watching your child.

5. Create a meeting spot: get the map by the entrance and discuss the place you will meet at the end of the day or in case of emergency.

6. Rent a stroller: You can rent a stroller at Disney parks, Sea World, etc…but are uncomfortable for such a long day (hard plastic and $$$). Also your stroller will hold your cooler and snacks.

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7. Talk to your child about how to identify a Cast Member (CM): this is important for young children, it may be another way to help them find you in case they get lost.