MBEssentials1Why waste time looking for a store when you are supposed to be relaxing on vacation. Be smart and add essentials to your order.

Sometimes we don’t think about all the essentials we need for our babies when traveling. With Orlandobabyrental we have an important list of essential items that you will need along with your main rental. if you don’t know what we have or are not sure of what you need, simply ask a representative and they will be happy to discuss the line of essentials we have in stock. Certain times a family may want an additional product that we do not have in stock and we may still be able to accommodate them.

Did you remember diapers? Many times the nearest store to purchase diapers is far from the resort and most resorts do not have diapers.

Did you remember toys? We have a box of five toys that you can order along with your rental.

How about a water float? or a bottle warmer? We are confident that you will find our list of baby essentials all you could need on your trip. Just take a look at our inventory here